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Airmotive Feb 1969. He said "I had never seen a bombing before, so I crawled from my navigators seat and put my head in the observation blister. Bought by Nordair in 1963. 86 Wing raaf 16Sep54. RAF UK 06Jul45, 77 Sqn RAF. Returned to usaaf, then to Philippine AF 74750 to saaf as 344. 78554 (MSN 22377/CU2486) delivered to usaaf Jul 7, 1945. Returned to usaaf Jul 31, (MSN 15800/32548) to usaaf Jan 267, 1945. In July 1959 Acme Aircraft Parts of Compton, CA purchased the plane and resistered as N9323Z and in November 1960 it was sold to Western Air Industries of Anderson, CA, who converted to a fire tanker; for the next 16 years it fought forest fires. DBR when forcelanded on abandoned airffield Nov 12, 1952, Merowe, Sudan following engine failure 76537 (MSN 16121/32869) to usaaf Mar 20, 1945. 8 MU RAF 31Jan50. To Air Mar Freight Systems (Dominican Republic - temp. Pilot survived, but aircrat was destroyed. Sold to Drew National Leasing Corp Jun 1974. No.420 Squadron (Auxiliary) at rcaf Station Crumlin (London Ontario.

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12667) to HB-OGU, then registered D-ehac Oct 9, 1956, crashed Sep 25, 1960, registration cancelled Feb 13, 1964. To British registry as G-sirr, painted as 474008. To 36 Sqdn, raaf Aug 15, 1943 (vhcxl) and ANA (VH-CXL) Apr 01, 1944. Repossessed and noted at Miami Feb 1972. To RAF in UK as Dakota IV KN635 via RAF Montreal Jun 6, 1945 with glider pick-up fitted. 80010 (MSN 12306) delivered to usaaf at Lock Haven, PA; transferred to Army Ground Forces; 84th Infantry Division Artillery 87-G; force landed when attacked by three Fw-190 fighters, the aircraft hitting the ground when the pilot looked around for the fighters; 50th Mobile Reclamation and. Sold Dec 26, 1951 to George E Batchelor, restored as N8404C Dec 26, 1951.

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To Cameroon AF as AACa 76500 06May65 76501 (MSN 16085/32833) to usaaf Mar 10, 1945. SOC May 22, 1953. Bought by Miami Airlift Inc in 1975. The Lancasters were returning from a scrubbed mission in France and were ordered to dump their bombs in the water. Zantop new name Universal Airlines Sep 21, 1966. DAP raaf Parafield for removal of camoflage and overhaul 09Jan47. To F-oabg with Protection Civile and then to 7T-VBX. Bought Feb 1962 by Aerolineas Carreras Transportes Aereos registered as LV-HIJ. 2 ATU raaf 15Mar62. WFU and stored Walnut Ridge, Arkansas. Berry to Continental Air Services Inc (Los Angeles,.) 8-Sep-67; fitted with ferry tanks in USA Sep-67; N1447 flown by Les Strouse with casi on rice drops May-71 to Jun-1973; N1447 cancelled 10-May-1974 on sale to Laos; to XW-PMF with Royal Air Lao; escaped from. Sold to Airlantic Transport Inc Oct 9, 1974. DBR 80 mi SW of Hail, Saudi Arabia Apr 8, (MSN 16273/33021) to RAF as Dakota IV KN4Transferred to Military Assistance Advisory Group Oct 22, 1954.

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RAF record card says sold as scrap Jan 17, 1950. Registered G-beui May 19, 1977. 81125/81209 (MSN /41931) 81128 (MSN ) 81149 (MSN ) to Spanish AF. 72907 escort girl denain saint nicolas (MSN ) to Guatemala AF as 357, then on civil registry Aug 1972 as N41748, cancelled. 72014 (MSN 3066) 72015 (MSN 3069) to US civil registry as N6251C, still active 72016 (MSN 3070) to PP-CCF with Cruzeiro do Sol, Brazil. 76959 (MSN 16543/33291) to usaaf as TC-47B-35-DK May 31, 1945. Damaged in a crash landing at Denton, TX in 1988. 72223 (MSN ) to Swedish AF as 26032. Converted to DC3-C in Palmerston North Converted to DC3-C Skyliner "blenheim" at Christchurch 12 December 1963. DBR in rocket attack Phenom-Penh, Cambodia Aug 26, 1974. To civilian registry as N6523D, then N51GP. escort girl denain saint nicolas